Mother of God Decal


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Mother of God Decal

Apply this decal anywhere you want the statement to be known, whether it be displayed indoors on a wall or outdoors on a vehicle the decal is guaranteed not to peel or fade for at least 6 years.
Size proportions may slightly vary, in this case a 4 inch decal would be approximately 4×4 inches.

  • Cut from quality 6 year outdoor grade glossy vinyl. Lasts even longer indoors.
  • Sticks to most smooth surfaces and is durable outside as well.
  • Suitable for surfaces such as glass, plastic, doors, walls, windows, cars, just about anything with a clean smooth surface. Is your surface not flawlessly smooth or flat? Not to worry, decals will adhere to just about anything with a clean, dry surface. If your surface has a few bumps or textural issues the decal will usually take to the surface it’s applied to.
  • Recolor options are available, refer to the drop down box for a selection.
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Decals 12 inches and above will be shipped in heavy duty cardboard tubes.